Pushing against the abrasive edges of my competence - for a living!
I'm a graphic designer with more than a decade's experience working from pitch to print for internationally recognised brands and local businesses. 
I'm looking to add some variety to my experience and do some work that I can happily, rather than sheepishly, say "I did that!". So if you are a lovely brand/agency (horrible brands/agencies need not apply) with a design project you need help with, holla at ya bolla!*
*Send me an email
For those of you interested in employment history and qualifications, what follows is for you:

2014 - Present day
Highest/Only bidder 

Freelance Graphic Design
2006 - 2014
Freestone Creative

Junior to Middling Graphic Design

2004 - 2005
Shropshire Review

Junior Graphic Design

Experience Haus

Digital Product Design
2001 - 2004
University College Northampton

BA (hons) Graphic Communication, 2.i
Dissertation: 1st
And Foundation, A-Levels and all the rest (more detail can be provided on request)

I could, at one point – and, after a couple I'm convinced I still can (backed by science)  – speak Spanish to Intermedio Alto (A.K.A. quite well)
When I become referred to as Our Smiling Benevolent Leader, the following things (amongst others) will be subsidised for all to consume/create/attend as they see fit (within reason): tea, coffee, biscuits, music (live and recorded), reading, films, galleries, pub snugs.