HAB 20th Anniversary redesign
TL; DR - Refresh Homeless Action in Barnet's visual identity to launch their 20th anniversary.
Concept, Design & Artwork
With my soul eager to do some work for an institute that was having a social impact, I approached Homeless Action in Barnet (HAB) and serendipitously they were just beginning plans for their 20th year.
Designed to feel approachable and encourage people to engage with HAB and it's work, I developed a new design vocabulary, introducing a vibrant and optimistic style that  reflected their aims as "a place of change". 
Structurally, I broke the existing information down into a modular set of leaflets. This helped to minimise waste as HAB could then compile a tailored collection of leaflets, targeting different people  - from a client who may just need phone numbers useful to their situation, to a full set of leaflets for the uninitiated.
Above: The default leaflet describes the support HAB offer, a time line of key events and folds out to a promotional A3 flyer with a typographic device describing the roles they’ve played since their inception.
Above: For the promotion of the events across the year I developed a poster template and word mark – the latter to help promote that each event forms part of a series.
Rather than a total redesign, I chose to create a bridge to the old logo, giving an obvious thread to the previous incarnation but tying it into the revised style. 
The HAB graphic was pleasingly chunky and... well, a bit dated, which I felt was an advantage. It referenced HAB’s heritage, which the year to come was all about, and provided a solid link to what had gone before, keeping it familiar and minimising any friction there may have been with stakeholders. 
The font and colour palette was updated to match the new suite, softening the starkness of the black and red, and the layout re-jigged to maximise the legibility at smaller sizes.
For more information on the wonderful HAB and the work they do, visit habcentre.org, a website I've yet to lay my mitts on, so don't judge.