Starling Logo development & Application
TL; DR - Brand development and basic application in print and across digital platforms. 
Concept, Design & Artwork
N.B. "Birdmark" is not a registered trademark
Start at the end: A vibrant fluoro-coral birdmark™  – the starling’s (customer’s) song (carefully crafted social media messages) going out into the world for anyone who’d listen (their audience) – paired with a coolish grey, which very nearly vibrate when set together. The eye-fire carries on to the rear of the letterhead with a full bleed fluoro featuring a slightly easier on the eye white out flock graphic.
Digitally, Starling were after avatars and graphics for twitter and facebook. For the banner graphic I pushed the flock visual, employing a route I’d explored earlier in the design process (outlined below) and played with layering and legibility, whilst trying to avoid anything too Hitchcockian. 
The early stages: The starling formed the natural, if literal, starting point for the design process, it being the name of the company helped sway my decision. Aside from the chosen route of the birdmark™, I also explored the social co-ordination of the murmurations – the fluid, responsive network. It was perhaps a bit highfalutin, and wasn't as immediately personable or engaging as the birdmark™ character, so I left it as a nice looking aside. 
(The colour palette had already been chosen by the time the client and I started working together, hence pink and grey being used from the start, but tweaked as the project progressed).
Potential animation angle: Mimicking the movement of the murmuration to coalesce in and out of the ‘S’